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Here are our answers to the most common queries. We hope you find them useful!

Can I order a sample before I buy?
Yes, our samples are supplied free of charge up to a maximum of six.
How do I know that my order has been placed?
You will receive a confirmation email from us to advise you that your order has been placed.
Do you supply screws, brackets and wall plugs for fitting the blinds?
We supply brackets and standard wood screws with all of our blinds. Unfortunately we do not supply wall plugs.
However please keep mind that you may require a different type and length of screw depending on the material you are attaching the blind to (i.e. wood, brick, metal, plasterboard etc).
We recommend you obtain your screws and plugs from reputable DIY stores.

Do you sell blackout blinds?
See our Roller Blinds page. Go into the White or Cream selections. Our Roman Blinds all come with a blackout lining.
What is the difference between exact and recess and I have also seen fabric size mentioned on your roller blind ordering page.
Recess ? This is where a small clearance allowance of 1cm is deducted off the width in the manufacture of the blind. This allows the blinds to hang freely in the recess and does not catch the sides when raised, lowered or moved to the side in the case or Vertical Blinds. Recess size is generally specified when mounting the blinds inside the window recess.

Exact Size - The blinds are supplied exactly to the size that has been ordered. No allowances are made by the factory. Exact size is generally specified when mounting the blind outside the recess of a window.

Fabric size - This size is only applicable when ordering roller blinds. The blind is supplied with the fabric cut exactly to the size ordered. The controls and brackets then make the blind wider by approx 2cm. This is normally used when the blind is mounted outside the recess of the window.
Will the Blinds be delivered with all Fittings and Fitting Instructions I need?
Our blinds are straightforward and easy to fit.
Your new blinds will be made to measure to your exact specification, and supplied ready to fit, so there is no extra cutting or adjustment to be made.
Can my blinds be delivered to an alternative address?
When entering your address details you will be given an opportunity to advise whether you wish your goods to be delivered to your own address or to an alternative address.