A Big Irish Online Casino Ordered our New Eco-Friendly Office Blinds

By 04 March 2021

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The world is gradually shifting towards eco-friendly household items to limit the effects of carbon in the atmosphere. This gave birth to companies like ours, who are now producing several environmentally friendly goods. Our discussion will be on a big Irish casino firm hat has just ordered our new eco-friendly office blinds and the types of office blind available.

Eco-Friendly Office Blinds Available

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Choices individuals and businesses make affect their health and the immediate environment. That’s why we created environmentally friendly blinds that can reduce carbons and insulate offices from heat. These types of blinds are durable and affordable for all individuals and businesses. Patronizing a reputable blind producer likes ours will get you quality products.

Vertical louver blind is one of the best kinds of office blinds we have in stock for our customers. These blinds control sunlight from left to right and are perfect for large offices. It is available in lovely colors, offers solar protection, and is a flame repellent. Also, we have Venetian blinds, which comes in unique fabrics and various shapes. Venetian blinds come in different styles and prevent light blackouts. It is heavily designed in PVC and aluminum material.

Furthermore, roller blinds are suitable for office spaces as they can control light intrusion partially. These roller blinds have translucent materials that allow light while keeping workers anonymous. It has antibacterial agents, and your company could brand their logos on it. Pleated blinds are also available in many designs. These blinds give light control, provide insulation, are very energy efficient, and reduce heat. It is enjoyable for a serene working environment.

Finally, all our office blinds are naturally sourced, recycled, and mitigate various environmental hazards synonymous with all season.

How these Eco-friendly Office Blinds Benefit the Irish Online Casinos

We are happy to inform the public that a big Irish online casino that offers various casino services like slots, roulette, blackjack, and poker has ordered vast volumes of our eco-friendly office blinds.

Our staff regularly play poker and other casino games on their site, and they were contacted by this casino to provide their offices with our best blinds. These games played by the staff are usually done during lunch breaks and weekends. Members of our staff regularly win real money anytime they bet.

Here are some benefits that our eco-friendly blinds can give to big businesses like Irish online casinos. Firstly, these blinds offer big offices excellent interior humidity, which is suitable for casinos. This fantastic feature allows staff to work with an adequate supply of light. A good distribution of light in the room creates a serene working ambiance.

Also, too much carbon footprints are dangerous for all environments. These blinds will stop the searing ultraviolet rays of the sun that are harmful to the skin. The products are designed to put an end to the ills these rays cause. The furniture and household interior in these Irish online casino offices will be damaged due to excessive heat, but, protection from our unique blind which will provide cover for it.

Finally, our blinds have security features and many aesthetic benefits that this Irish online will enjoy.

This article has shed some light on the types of eco-friendly office blinds we have and the benefits an Irish online will get from our products.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives are Being picked up by News Sites

These eco-friendly measures are attracting the attention of media outlets. In this case, the attention of online casino news sites as they sent a photographer and journalist to cover the installation for an upcoming article about online casinos contribution to reach European carbon neutrality by 2050.

If you would like to follow up on the upcoming article, please check on timeofgambling.com’s homepage in the coming days.